Oh My Hair!!!!!! The LOC Method Series: The “L”

Hello hello!! I hope all is well in your world🌍 So I promised we’d dive into the “LOC” Method with a series explaining in more detail why each step is significant and what products work well to achieve maximum moisture. This post will be dedicated to the “L” and no that’s NOT for loss 😂 ain’t no L’s ova here lol nothing but gains and moisture retention 🙌🏾

A good Leave-In Conditioner can seriously change ya life! Do I have a witness? 🙏🏾

Leave In Conditioner helps:

• Detangle and prevent knots

• Ease the styling process (fewer ouches and 2nd thoughts on being natural haha)

• Prevent thirsty, brittle hair – Bye, Bye Dry strands ✌🏾

Are these not goals 🏆 totally winning! Some of my favs are:

Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Leave-In Conditioner 

I’ll write a full product review at another time but it smells great, offers AMAZING slip, and instantly moisturizes my dry curls! There’s a great amount of this product in the jar for $10.99 too!

Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner 

Again, full review coming later but the smell alone is heavenly! Don’t be fooled by the spray bottle, the consistency isn’t runny & watery at all. My curls always GLOW✨ after using this leave-in. Def worth $12.99, a little goes a long way.

Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In Conditioner 

This is my newest fav 😍 I think I’ve used this most in the last week. It is soooo lightweight but powerful. It provides instant moisture and super soft strands. I also LOVE the lock on the spray bottle because I’m clumsy 😂 you must try it for about 12 bucks.

Uhhh, I was only supposed to suggest 3 but how dare I leave-out (get it, haha) one of my staples!

Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner  

Bruh, I literally was telling strangers about this product when the line was released 😂 it’s just that BOMB! Blueberries 💙 promote hair growth and you don’t find them in a lot of products. This leave-in has a great smell and slip; I’m always able to comb through my hair after applying. Def the leave-in I choose when I’m not “sealing & tucking”, sealing in moisture and tucking ends, but keeping my curls loose in a ponytail.

Soooo that’s my spiel on the “L”!! Remember, your Leave-In is gonna hydrate your hair but it won’t necessarily seal the moisture in without the last 2 components: “O”, oil, and “C”, cream. Make sure you’re following to catch these posts as soon as they’re live ☺️ 

Nothin’ but love,





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  1. I have the first product- I’m interested to try the others , where do you get yours retail store or beauty supply?

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  2. Yes Ms Blueberry!

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  3. So tell me what is your beef with Cantu…? That’s my go to leave-in for the time being. I started the LOC method before I chopped my hair off and girls, no lie, the comb had stopped eating all of my hair. There was hardly any hair in the comb, seriously. That ish worksss… looking forward to your other posts!I have been hearing great things about the absolutely extortionate Shea moisture line, but some reviews have said that they surreptitiously changed some of their ingredients. This kinda turned me off, hence the rebound – Cantu (sorry boo, but yes you were the rebound).

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  4. Would love to try blueberry bliss. It has a good reputation. .

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