Oh My Hair!!!!!! Product Review

Heyyyyyy Happy Sundayyyyy 🤗 So I wasn’t gonna post today but I MUST share about a hair product I purchased this mornin. I was rushin to church and forgot to put my Eco Styler Gel in my bag 😩 TRAGIC 🤦🏽‍♀️ So I ran to the closest store to get a new one before service and they had NONE! Devastated isn’t even the word. 

I had no choice but to buy this:

Listen. This Olive Oil Gel cost about 2 bucks and was worth about 2 cents 😩 bruh. It did NOTHING. NADA. NUFFIN. It smells amazing and it’s lightweight but it doesn’t hold at all. Needless to say I have flyaways and a static jive goin on 🤷🏽‍♀️ *deep sigh*  I guess I’ll try it on a “wash n go” cause clearly it’s not for a slicked down bun. Luckily the Bible says “come as you are” 🙌🏾 Enjoy your Sunday, All❣️

Nothin’ but love,




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  1. You just did a great service to my pocket and my mind. My pocket because for that same size I would probably have to spend 5 bucks given where I’m from and my mind because well, you saved my sanity let’s just call it that. I’ve been eyeing that gel for some time but my curiosity hadn’t reach to the point of “okay let me try the damn thing out” yet. Thank heavens, I’ll stick to my ECO Styler Olive oil… :DDD… good looking out!!!

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