Oh My HAIR!!!!!!!! The “LOC” Method

Heyyyy!! So this week has been full of HAIR questions in my DM & inbox so imma share. Let me just tell you how funny it is that I, ME, EMONNN has become a natural hair enthusiast (I know my friends of many years are laughin already) I was DEF the girl that just slapped lotion, yes lotion, as in Bath & Body Works or whateva was close-by in my hair and now you’ll easily catch me in my kitchen on wash day whipping up a natural concoction with eggs, honey, mayo, etc…

But that was then and this is NOW!

L: Mielle Organics White Peony Leave In
O: Jamaican Mango & Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oil
C: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La
So let’s chat about DRY hair…. it seems like a lot of us are THIRSTY*laugh right there* well our strands are!! My hair is a fan of the L.O.C. Method and sometimes I’ll flip those letters around and use the L.C.O. Method. This method is a really good way to moisturize your hair. Layering the products listed below will help maximize moisture retention which is one of a dry haired naturals biggest issues. The oil and cream will create a layer on your hair to help SEAL in all the moisture. I know I can’t afford to lose a drop, not even a little bit lol

“Give me an:

L – Leave In Conditioner or Liquid… preferably water based. Listennnnn…..a good leave-in conditioner will CHANGE YA LIIIIIIIIFE!!!!  leave in


L you got ya L you got ya L give me an “O”…OhhhKay the cheer is over…moving forward…

O – Oil… the sealant! Castor oil & coconut oil works wonders in my hair. castor

And lastly,

C – Cream… I wasn’t too far off using lotion back in the day…nah, I was! LOL curl la

Now I’m sure you have one of each of these items in your home. Coconut oil is probably right in ya kitchen so feel no urge to shop product junkies if you don’t need to. HAHAHA, I was talkin to myself too 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ But this technique has seriously SAVED MY HAIR!!! The next Oh My Hair! posts will dive into the L,O, and C specifically and I’ll be suggesting some of my FAVS!

I really hope this helps. I wanna share as much with you as possible so you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made with my hair.  Hit that FOLLOW Button so you don’t miss the rest of this series  🙂

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  1. Listen!!! I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor BOL!! NoMe being a hair enthusiast?! Who would’ve thought lol but I LOVE it cause your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to see what you have in store for all the curly & coily girls!! This is definitely your calling… unconventionally living out loud! Proud of ya booski! 😘

    P.S. ’tis true ppl this girl literally used lotion on her hair lmaooo

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  2. I love the L.O.C method! It’s the only my hair will say moisturized throughout the day especially with this Florida humidity lol.

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  3. Oh my hair! Question how often do you do the LOC method? Daily? Also can you post pics of the products for the Method

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    • Great question!! It’s a personal preference kinda thing… it depends on how much product you’re putting on your hair and how heavy it is… you def don’t want too much build up between wash days..I use the LOC method daily… my hair NEEDS the moisture but I also make sure I use a clarifying shampoo on wash day! Hope that helps 🤗 And yes, pics are on the way as we dive into the series!!


  4. This method definitely helped me with length retention since I did my big chop last April. For the most part I do the LCO method because I found that it helped me better retain moisture in my hair💖💖💖.

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  5. The glow up is real!!! From not knowing anything about hair to teaching us all how to better take care of our hair!!! So proud of you! Excited and ready for more! Bye Bye Lotion! 😂

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  6. Loooook now!!!!! I legit never knew layering was how you “l.o.c.” in moisture. I’ve always only used one product at a time and just flew out the door. I’m for seriously about to start “l.o.c-in” in my moisture. Now I can run around with “fresh out the shower” curls, without looking like I’m rocking a fro by the end of the day. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😔😫🤣

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    • Yesssss Dynisha!!! It will literally change the way not only how your hair looks 😍 but how it feels!! Healthy hair has so much to do with proper moisture!! After a week of “LOC’n”, please let me know if you see different results🌀✨


  7. LOC method is so my method, I wrote a post on it too.

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  8. Sonya Boatwright August 20, 2017 — 1:40 pm

    GREAT JOB!!!! I love it! I went natural about 4 years ago and I so desperately wanted to try a relaxer again. I absolutely HATE it!!! I can’t wait until this relaxer is out of my hair!!!! I wash my hair everyday…LOL!!! I can see my wavy hair coming back!!! YES!!!

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    • Thank you❣️ How amazing is it to see your natural hair?! One suggestion, try not to shampoo too often… shampoo strips your hair of the nutrients needed. Instead, co-wash which is washing your hair with conditioner only! I promise, the results are heavenly 🙌🏾 make sure you follow the page so you can follow this series, Oh My Hair!


  9. Great post! I only recently decided to give my hair the time of day after just leaving them to themselves for a bit. I never had a problem with hair growth, I kept it the way momma taught me “wash and grease” and it was done. Now that I’m getting younger I realised the hair isn’t as vibrant as it once was so I desperately went a hunting for some sort of saving grace. Youtube is filledddd with enthusiasts needless to say it was hard deciding who the heck I should listen to since the LOC was so great but then the LCO was even greater but that depended on the porosity of the hair the type of hair whether 1 2 3 abcd efz. Whew! if you had to take a deep breath after reading that then you understand the anxiety I felt with all that information coming at me. I decided to stick with the concoctions and try the LOC or is it LCO one of them… I hacked the hair 2 weeks ago, so now I treat and wait!!! Thanks for the info.

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    • Hahaha listen, Im too all over the place to try and find one person to listen to 🤦🏽‍♀️ at this point, it’s trial and error and I’m sharing my experiences lol I’m def an LCO girl more often than LOC… my hair is fickle like me so it varies! Thanks for reading love❣️

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